Construction of new actuators

The main line of our business is the regeneration of power hydraulics elements, including the hydraulic actuators. However, to meet the expectations of our customers and as a result of multiple suggestions we started the production of new actuators (operating in two ways, plunger actuators) according to the delivered documentation or model. We also provide professional support in consultancy during the manufacture of new actuators, provide specific information on the aspects that need to be taken into account while designing. We adjust the length of the pitch at customer’s request as well as the type of fastening and the materials used to manufacture the actuator. We have the appropriate machines, materials and trained personnel engaged in the manufacture of actuators.

All hydraulic actuators manufactured by us are comprehensively checked at the phase of manufacture, and after the production are subjected to the pressure test for tightness. In order to guarantee the reliability and eliminate any defects, the actuators are tested at a pressure much higher than provided for by their intended use.